Mosquito Season.....

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     We all know the frustration well. We've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring & summer. It's beautiful outside. Time to play, camp and hike.....but those mosquitoes! Time to break out the bug spray, right? Well, maybe there's another option. 

     First, if you have your tried and true method of keeping mosquitoes at bay, it works and you feel great about it, keep up the good work. Mosquito Protective Apparel offers a clothing option that gives us all the freedom of wearing shorts and T-shirts in hot weather. Mosquito Legs and Mosquito & Safety Shirts provide a barrier between you and pesky mosquitoes and poison ivy, for that matter. 

     Mosquito Legs are no-see-um mesh leg garments for kids (adults sizes upon request). They are light, breathable, adjustable and cover your child's legs from groin to ankle. The plastic clip at the upper adjustable band secures the garments to a pocket, or side seam so Mosquito Legs will never slip down. At the ankle we offer garments with an adjustable elastic option or simply a snug soft elastic band. Added visibility is provided by your choice of 3M light reflective ribbon down the side seam or LED lights. They're simply fun and look awesome when kids are playing in the evening. You'll never lose sight of your child when they're wearing Mosquito Legs with LEDs!

     Mosquito & Safety Shirts are a T-shirts with light reflective ribbon at the cuff and a sewn in no-see-um mesh sleeve to cover the rest of the arms. A soft elastic band fits snugly at the wrist. They are available for children and adults in neutral and bright colors. So comfortable and soft, these shirts will be your new favorite summer clothing whether you're at the campsite, on a bike ride, or mowing the lawn. 

     If you're someone who prefers to use DEET products, you can spray your repellent on the solid T-shirt fabric, or on a hat for added protection. Just remember, any chemicals sprayed on the skin are to be washed off with soap and water every day after use. If you spray your clothing, wash those garments separately on laundry day.

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