Mosquito Legs

No-see-um mesh protective Mosquito Leg garments for kids helping prevent mosquito bites, tic bites, and poison ivy perfect for camping, hiking

Breathable, Washable, Adjustable with Cord Lock & Elastic at groin level

Clips to shorts at groin level

Easy on & off

100% durable polyester no-see-um mesh with REINFORCED KNEE

100% Cotton ribbed knit ankle cuff

100% Cotton ribbed knit backing at upper adjustable cuff providing the option to wear under the shorts with comfort

***The 2T/3T size is intended to accommodate children and 3 and up who fit this sizing range***Not for children under age 3 due to small plastic components comprising cord lock and kam clip. If you choose to purchase Mosquito Legs for children under 3 it is at your discretion and use under supervision only is recommended***

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